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The Drive at 35: The Long road to Beating Cystic Fibrosis — $14.99

Andy's journey in his battle against cystic fibrosis continues in The Drive at 35. He has successfully passed the average life expectancy for someone with CF, and is thriving. Illness, In Vitro fertilization, depression, and topping $1 million in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are just part of his inspiring saga.

Alive at 25: How I'm Beating Cystic Fibrosis — $10.00

The true story of how Andy Lipman learned at the age of nine that his life expectancy was only twenty-five. Anger at this knowledge turns to determination inspired by a girl who visits him in a recurring dream. Andy’s struggle isn’t always easy; there is frustration at the injustice of his situation, his desire to fit in with other kids, the bouts of depression and even thoughts of suicide.

However, by the time Andy graduates from college he has developed the attitude, physical routine and methods, which define how he is beating cystic fibrosis and thriving while he does it.

A Superhero Needs No Cape — $9.50

Paul Morgan has a dream of playing baseball in the Major Leagues; he also has cystic fibrosis. His love of the game as a boy grows into the passion of a young man as he battles skeptics, self-doubt, and a disease for which there is no cure. This inspiring story of sorrow and triumph demonstrates what determination and desire can achieve.